Privacy Policy

The foregoing document indicates how FACE TO FACE ART use personal data of the persons they are cooperating with hereinafter referred to as „the Customers” and specifies the rights of the Customers whose data are processed.

In connection with the use of the website of FACE TO FACE ART, participation in auctions and bidding, making direct purchases, concluding a contract for sale on commission, commission for pricing a work or subscribing to a newsletter, as well as on the basis of other services, contracts and transactions concluded between FACE TO FACE ART and the Customer, FACE TO FACE ART can come into possession of the Customer’s data regarded as personal data.

Data administrator is FACE TO FACE ART Ltd., located in Poland, address: ul. Grzybowska 87, 00-844 Warsaw, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs after National Court Register/KRS/ number: 0000334992, REGON/Statistical Number/: 021042640, NIP/Tax Identification Number/: 6932149117. Data protection is based on the requirements of the legal regulations being universally in force, and thy are stored on protected servers. For that purpose i. a. safe communication coding protocol (SSL) is used.

Data processing principles are contained in the Ordinance of European Parliament and (EU) Council 2016/679 of the 27th day of April 2016 on protecting natural persons in connection with data processing and on free flow of such data, as well as revocation of the directive 95/46/EC (commonly referred to as „RODO”). Additionally, on the 10 day of May 2018 law on personal data protection was passed, which, together with RODO and its executive ordinances , constitutes the basis of personal data protection in Poland.

FACE TO FACE ART is the administrator of the data of their Customers, who entrusted them with their personal data, expressing their applicable consent to that. This means that if a Customer has an account on the website of FACE TO FACE ART, or concludes a commission sale contract with FACE TO FACE ART, purchases a work or takes part in an auction or bidding organized by FACE TO FACE ART, then FACE TO FACE ART processes the personal data of such a Customer, such as: name, surname, address,e-mail address, telephone number, computer IP address, data for shipment, data for issuing an invoice, information about the user’s account, data collected in connection with visiting FACE TO FACE ART websites. FACE TO FACE ART also processes the data connected with informing the Customer about the current orders status. FACE TO FACE ART is also the administrator of the data belonging to the persons subscribing the newsletter, or persons subscribed for events organized by FACE TO FACE ART.

Personal data are processed by FACE TO FACE ART in accordance with the regulations concerning personal data protection, including , in accordance with the foregoing implemented Privacy Policy, as well as in the scope and purpose indispensable to establish and form the contents of contract, changing or terminating it , as well as the correct execution of services rendered by FACE TO FACE ART, including services rendered electronically, in the scope and purpose indispensable for fulfilling justified interests (legally justified purposes), and this processing does not breach rights and freedoms of the person whom these data concern. Caring for the quality of the services rendered, personal data, due to tax regulations and regulations concerning limitation of claims due to lapse of time are stored for up to 10 years from performing the transaction or rendering a service. In case of lack of transaction, however – until the Customer’s account is removed. Data collected in connection with the Customer’s visit at our website we process the data for up to 12 months after their acquisition.

Each person whom the data concern, in the case they are administered by FACE TO FACE ART is entitled to access the data, rectify them, remove them or restrict their processing, right to object and right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority. Removal of personal data may take place as a result of withdrawal of consent or lodging legally admissible objection to personal data processing.

According to the regulations the Customer is entitled to:

  • express or withdraw consents, especially for contact data processing, including e-mail address to receive marketing communications or notifications about order status change electronically to e-mail address;
  • lodge an objection as to personal data processing, including for the direct marketing purposes;
  • access the data , including to obtain copies of data undergoing processing, also in the electronic form;
  • rectify (correct) their personal data, including if these data are inaccurate or incomplete;
  • remove the data if they are no longer indispensable for the purposes for which they have been collected, and FACE TO FACE ART has no grounds for processing them;
  • data processing restriction, if they no longer have to be processed for the primary purpose.

The customer can take advantage of their rights by sending a message through the contact form on the website of FACE TO FACE ART, or in writing to the address of FACE TO FACE ART location. FACE TO FACE ART., within a month from receiving dispositions, will provide information about the activities undertaken in connection with the obtained request. In order to execute the request, FACE TO FACE ART is entitled to verify the identity of the person applying with the request, so that the personal data do not go to an unauthorized person. You can contact the person supervising data processing in FACE TO FACE ART also via email on the following address:

FACE TO FACE ART reserves the right to process the Customer’s data after the contract has been terminated or the consent has been withdrawn only in the scope and for the needs of claims vindication before a court or, if domestic or union regulations, or the regulations of international law obligate to detain the data.

FACE TO FACE ART is entitled to make customer’s personal data available to subjects authorized on the basis of appropriate regulations of law (e.g. to prosecution of authorities, courts, tax authorities). In such cases FACE TO FACE ART always verifies the legitimacy of the request from the services and authorities concerning making data available.

FACE TO FACE ART may entrust customer’s data processing with another subject, by virtue of a contract concluded in writing in the scope and based on principles specified in such a contract and the legal regulations in force. In case of making personal data available FACE TO FACE ART requires from third subjects maintaining confidence and information safety, as well as using them exclusively to provide a given service or correct execution of the contract. Such subjects can be especially accounting offices, counsels, subcontractors , employees or contractors.

In connection with the noticed irregularities in the field of acquiring and administering personal data. The client is also entitled to lodge a complaint to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

Our Cookies Policy

Cookie files are small text files stored in the browser during using websites and applications, sent by an internet service to the browser, and which the browser sends back at the subsequent visits to the website. They are mainly used to maintain the session, e.g. by generating and sending back the temporary identifier after logging in. However, they may be used more broadly through remembering any data that can be coded as a series of signs. Thanks to that, the user does not have to enter the same information every time when they return to that website or pass from one website to another (definition from :

FACE TO FACE ART uses cookie files, among others, for the following purposes:

  • Authenticating and identifying users in websites, as well as maintaining sessions, thanks to which the user does not have to log in on sub-sites.

  • Analyzing the data supplied to FACE TO FACE ART – e.g. to store products in the basket while browsing the Internet gallery.

  • Remembering the preferences of users and activating statistical and analytical services, as well as website personalization.

  • Athering information on how the users take advantage of FACE TO FACE ART. website and adjusting websites and online services to the potential user’s interests.

Two basic kinds of „cookie” files are applied: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files, which are stored in the User’s end device, until logging out, leaving the website, or switching the software (browser) off. Persistent cookies are stored in the User’s end device for the period specified in the parameters of cookie files, or until the User removes them.

The collected information concerns IP address, type of browser used, language, kind of operational system, supplier of Internet services, information about time and date, location and information sent to the site through the contact form.

Software for browsing in Internet sites (internet browser) usually implicitly allows storing cookie files in the User’s end device. The Service users may change settings in this scope. The browser allows removing cookie files. They can also be blocked automatically. Detailed information on the subject can be found in browser assistance or documentation.

If the user does not want to receive cookie files, they can change the browser settings. Restrictions in the application of cookie files can affect certain applications available on websites of FACE TO FACE ART.

Cookie files can also be used by advertising networks, especially Google, to show advertisements tailored to the manner in which the user uses the Service. For this purpose they may retain the information about the user’s navigation path or the period of remaining on a given website. As to the information about the user’s preferences, gathered by Google advertising network the user can browse and edit information shown by cookie files with the use of the following tool:

Adopted on the 25th day of May 2018.

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