Auction terms and conditions

1. The organizer of the auction is FACE TO FACE ART Ltd, ul. Marszałkowska 58, 00-545 Warszawa,
located in Warsaw at: Wspólna 61 apt. 107 Street, 00-687 Warsaw, Poland, KRS/NCR/: 0000334992,
NIP/TIN/: 6932149117, hereinafter referred to as F2F ART.

2. The subject of auction are collectibles and works of art, hereinafter jointly referred to as „works” or
individually „work”. The owner of works is F2F ART or third parties. According to the declarations of
consignors of the works to be sold, they constitute their exclusive property, they are free of legal faults,
they are not comprised by any administrative, court or revenue proceedings whatsoever, they are free from
seizure and lien, as well as other limited material rights, neither are they subject of any claims from third
parties whatsoever. F2F ART is entitled to, without giving any reasons, refuse to accept works for auction
sale and withdraw the work from such sale, until the bidding of the work starts

3. Works that are the subject of a given auction are published in the auction catalog available on the website
of F2F ART. The auction catalog can also be published in paper form. The starting price of the work is established
individually for each work, with the note that it is admissible to divide or combine the works in a given bidding.
The starting price of a work is the gross price and includes VAT. The reserve price does not include the auction
fee at the rate of 18% of the hammer price of the work and the so-called droit de suite fee, i.e. the fee due to
the author or heir of the work, if applicable. The auction catalog may contain the estimate value of the work,
called estimation. Estimation is determined by F2F ART and cannot be identified with the actual market value of the work.

4. The venue of the action, as well as its date and time of beginning are announced on the website of F2F ART: F2F ART is entitled to revoke the announced auction without giving any reasons.
The auction can be preceded by the auction exhibition in the place and time indicated by F2F ART.

5. The auction is conducted in accordance with the Polish law and in Polish, by a private person
indicated by F2F ART, referred to as the Auctioneer.

6. Bidding can be attended in person, in the place where the auction is conducted or F2F ART may
represent the bidder on the basis of a separate bidding order or you can participate in the bidding through
a dedicated website in accordance with the byelaws of participating in auction contained on this website.
The manner of bidding during a given auction from among those specified above, is specified in the auction catalog.

7. The personal participation in the bidding is possible after the participant registers by filling in the registration
form immediately before the bidding, after they receive a plate with the auction number. Registration
of the participants finishes before the auction starts. At the registration the participant may be asked
for a document confirming their identity. Immediately after the action finishes the participant is obliged to return the plate with the auction number.

8. A person can take part in the bidding on the basis of bidding order filled in by them, which makes it possible
to apply for participation in the bidding on the phone or place an order to buy a given work with the maximum price.
Bidding order forms are available on the website of F2F ART. The bidding order should be filled in correctly and sent
from the website not later than 24 hours before the auction starts. The acceptance of bidding order will be electronically
confirmed by F2F ART to the e-mail address indicated by the participant. Lack of confirmation means lack of possibility
of taking part in the bidding. In the case of purchase order with the maximum price F2F ART makes an effort to purchase
the work at as low price as possible, however, not lower than the conditional price. If the limit is lower than the conditional
price provided before, it is deemed that the conditional offer is being placed.

9. In the case of confirmed participation in the auction on the phone, the representative of F2F ART will call the participant
before the bidding of a given work starts and make an offer to buy the work on behalf of the participant. F2F ART is not
responsible for impossibility to contact a given participant on the phone. In the case of telephone bidding F2F ART reserves
the right to record and retain the telephone conversations with the participant.

10. The size of bids is established and announced by the Auction Dealer before the beginning of the bidding. The bidding
may end with the amount, which is higher than the reserve price or equal to that amount. F2F ART is entitled to establish
conditional prices for selected works, i.e. the minimum prices, below which purchasing a work is possible exclusively after
obtaining consent of the work’s owner to the suggested price. If, by bidding, the conditional price has not been achieved,
ending the bidding results in concluding a conditional transaction, which is announced orally by the Auctioneer. In such a
case F2F ART will start negotiating with the owner of the work the possibility of buying the work at the price lower than the
conditional price. In the case when the owner of the work does not agree to the possibility of dispose the work at the price
below the conditional price within up to 5 business days from the auction date, the work is regarded as not sold. F2F ART
also reserves the right to accept offers after the auction, which at least equal the conditional price of works conditionally
bid and conclude contracts of sale of the work with third parties who bid such offers.


  • 0 – 2000
  • 2000 – 3000
  • 3000 – 5000
  • 5000 – 10000
  • 10 000 – 20 000
  • 20000 – 30000
  • 30000 – 500000
  • 50000 – 100000
  • 100000 – 300000
  • 300000 – 500000
  • above 500000
  • 100
  • 200
  • 200/500/800 (np. 3 200, 3 500, 3 800)
  • 500
  • 1000
  • 2000
  • 2000/5000/8000 (e.g. 32 000, 35 000, 38 000)
  • 5000
  • 10000
  • 20000
  • at auctioneer's discretion

11. The bid given in the course of auction ceases to be winning when another participant of the auction bids higher offer.
Concluding sale-purchase contract as a result of auction takes place at the moment of the Auctioneer’s knocking down
to the highest bidder – the participant who offered the highest price for a given work. The participant is not entitled to
contracting out of the agreement concluded in this way. If there is a litigation, the Auctioneer solves it individually or
conducts another auction. For the works sold as a result of auction F2F ART issues VAT margin scheme invoices.

12. The purchase price can be paid immediately after the auction by cash, or within 7 days from its end, by bank transfer
to the bank account of F2F ART in Santander Bank Polska S.A.71 1090 1102 0000 0001 3739 6221. The right of ownership
of the work is transferred to the participant the moment thy pay the price of the work they have bidden, together with
the auction fee and, where applicable, with droit de suite payment. In case of payment delay for the work and all the required
additional fees F2F ART reserves the right to court execution of the concluded contract or is entitled to contract out of the
agreement concluded with the participant of the auction through making a unilateral declaration of will in this scope. In the
case of payment by bank transfer the day of payment is regarded to be the day of receipt of the full payment into the bank account of F2F ART.

13. In the case of cash payment after the auction, the works can be collected immediately after the auction and receipt
of the payment. In the case of payment by bank transfer the work can be collected from the premises of F2F ART after
the payment has been made. In case the work is not collected after 21 days from the date it was bidden, F2F ART will
add the flat-rate net payment of PLN 50 for each day of storing the work after that period.

14. When instructed by the winning bidder F2F ART can send the fully paid for work by courier mail to the address indicated by them.
All the costs of shippment, insurance and package of the work are charged to the participant and will be paid by them to F2F ART
before the work is shipped. F2F ART is not liable for damages to the works made during transport. Storage and shipping of
works takes place at the expense and risk of the auction participant.

15. The auction participant expresses their consent to the submitted personal data being stored and processed by F2F ART
for the purposes necessary to perform an auction and to conclude and execute the contract of work sales. The legal basis
of personal data processing, purpose of personal data processing, information of the recipients of personal data, transfer
of data, period of data storage, information about access to data and rights of the participant in connection with processing
their data, as well as other indispensable decisions concerning personal data are contained in a separate information clause
on the website of F2F ART. Processing of the participants’ personal data is based on the byelaws of data processing and storing adopted by F2F ART.

16. the participant, taking their decision to participate in the auction, confirms that they have got acquainted with the
foregoing Auction byelaws and the information clause concerning personal data, referred to in pt. 15 below and that they accept it in total.


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